Pet Nutrition

image_nutrition_2Proper nutrition is a vital part of your pet’s well-being. We supply a range of the finest canine and feline food on the market today. Our veterinary-exclusive line of pet foods has been extensively tested and is scientifically proven to be the highest quality food available. Our specially trained veterinary staff can recommend diets tailored to your pet’s life stage, breed and size. We can also recommend prescription diets to patients that have specific medical concerns and requirements. Healthy diets lead to healthy lives.

Immunity and Disease Prevention

A proper diet packed with vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients is essential in order to maintain your pet’s healthy immune system and metabolism. Vitamins minimize the deterioration of body cells, while minerals promote and nurture body systems so that they maintain their normal functions.


Animals require well-balanced diets in the same way that humans do. Carbohydrates are an essential part of a healthy eating regimen, as they provide fiber that aids in digestion and elimination.

Skin, Hair and Coat

Fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-3 are vital dietary elements for dogs and cats. These healthy fats contribute to hydrated skin and shiny coats, and they provide anti-inflammatory effects to ease itchiness and irritations due to allergies or dry environmental conditions.

Muscle Tone
Protein is the most important part of a healthy diet, as proteins make up every single cell in your pet’s body. A diet rich in protein helps repair damaged cells and create new ones, including hair, skin, organ and muscle cells. All of the pet foods that we prescribe at Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort contain adequate protein sources to ensure the health of your pet.

Overland Animal Hospital is proud to recommend Royal Canin foods.

For more information about our pet nutrition recommendations or to schedule an appointment to discuss your pet’s diet, call 303-922-5500 or schedule a veterinary appointment online. And don’t hesitate to just walk in!