Microchip Services for Pets

At Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, we believe that proper identification for your furry family member is essential to your pet’s health and happiness. Should your dog happily run off after a squirrel or go for an adventure around the neighborhood, microchip identification will give you peace of mind that they will return home.

Microchip identification is the absolute best way for you to recover your best friend if you become separated. During this quick and affordable procedure, one of our trained veterinary staff members will insert a tiny transponder (approximately the size of a grain of rice) below the animal’s skin above the shoulder. The implantation process is similar to a routine shot, requiring no anesthetics and causing your pet little to no pain. If your pet ever goes missing and is taken to a veterinarian, animal hospital or shelter, the microchip number can be easily scanned. The data identifying your pet is readily available on regional and national databases and allows for a quick and safe return home. As the microchip requires no battery or power source, this is a one-time procedure that will last for your pet’s entire life.

The staff at Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort would love to talk with you about microchip identification options for your pet! For questions or to schedule an appointment, please call 303-922-5500 or submit a request for a veterinary appointment online. Walk-ins are always welcome!