When Was Your Pet’s Last Check-Up?

Loving our pets means wanting them to receive the best care possible. Great care is anchored in an understanding of your pet’s particular life stage. Regularly scheduled life-stage exams and vaccinations are vital parts of caring for your best friend. At Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, vaccines are individually recommended based on your pet’s health, history, environment and exposure risk. We are constantly looking at safer, more effective vaccines and protocols based on the most current published data available.

Regular exams also help identify potential health issues before they impact your pet’s well-being. These exams are sometimes covered or subsidized by pet insurance plans so that you only pay a small co-pay. Adult pets should be seen at least once per year and senior pets should be seen at least twice per year.

Our professional veterinarians can help you find easy ways to provide the best care to your pets. We specialize in cat and dog care, but we provide services to most other common and uncommon animals as well.

In addition to annual exams, we also offer in-house dog boarding, cat boarding and pet bathing at our Pet Resort.

Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort makes it convenient and easy to schedule annual pet exams. You can schedule by phone at 303-922-5500 or through our online scheduler. We also accept walk-in visits and drop-offs. We want to ensure that you get the best pet care possible, and we want to make that as convenient and easy as we can.