image_dentistry_2Often, dentistry is overlooked when you care for your best friend. While a healthy diet, plenty of chew toys and regular teeth brushing can go a long way for your pet’s oral health, like humans, regular professional dental appointments are also necessary. Bad breath, swollen gums, loose teeth and plaque buildup are all signs that your pet is due for a dental appointment.

Board-certified veterinary dentists train the medical staff at Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort in the latest techniques in dental care and oral surgery. Utilizing advanced methods for evaluating oral health, including digital X-rays, our staff can accurately evaluate your pet’s oral health and provide appropriate treatment plans. We minimize pain and anxiety for our patients through the use of the highest quality medications and protocols.

Our veterinary dental staff provides a full range of services for your dog or cat, including:

  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Treatment of gingival recession
  • Mass removal
  • Extraction
  • Oral surgery
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Prophylaxis

You must continue to maintain your pet’s oral health long after you and your pet walk out our door. Our staff is dedicated to helping our clients implement at-home oral health routines for their pets. After your appointment, our staff will educate you about the findings and results of any procedures, and we will provide you with the information and medication you need to keep your furry friend’s mouth in top condition.

Treat your pet to the oral health care they deserve by scheduling an appointment with Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort’s veterinary dental care experts. Call us at 303-922-5500 or schedule a dental appointment for your pet online. Walk-ins are always welcome!