Due to our concern for you, our staff, and all of those around us, we have updated our protocols for all appointments. At this time, our hours remain the same and we will continue to be here to provide care for your pets. 

We will be operating all appointments as no contact or limited contact with pet owners. This applies to all Medical, Resort, Training and Grooming appointments. 

  • We ask that you call us at 303-922-5500 once you arrive in our parking lot. We will have a technician or doctor call you to discuss what your appointment is for and how your pet is doing. We will then have a single staff member come outside to collect your pet and bring him/her inside for the exam. 
  • Please wait in your car and keep your phone at hand during this exam. The doctor will call to discuss the exam and any needed diagnostics or treatments for your pet.
  • At the closure of your appointment, a single staff member will bring your pet and any medications out to your car. We will then call to collect payment over the phone. 
  • These protocols are in place for ALL medical and surgical appointments. 

New Appointments: We will continue to see urgent care appointments, appointments made for sick pets, puppy appointments made for core vaccinations (DA2PP and Rabies vaccines), and all previously scheduled wellness appointments. 

We will not be scheduling any new wellness/annual appointments at this time. All dentistry and surgical appointments will be assessed and scheduled on a case by case basis, so please speak with us if you are looking to schedule a dental procedure or surgery for your pet. 

Existing Appointments:Any appointment that has already been made will remain as-is, but please contact us if you wish to reschedule. 

Pet Health Questions:If you have questions about whether your pet’s clinical signs warrant an appointment, our doctors are more than happy to chat on the phone about your pet. We will help you make a decision about if an appointment is necessary at this time and answer questions you may have. Consultation fees may apply pending on the level of telemedicine offered. 

Community Spread: We ask that if you or a family member have experienced ANY sign of illness (cough, fever, sore throat, etc) that you please let us know so that we can take added precautions for our staff. We also ask that you notify us if you have been traveling in the last 14 days. 

Prescriptions: If you need to have a prescription filled for your pet, we will operate under similar protocols. We will ask that you call us from outside in your car, we will accept payment over the phone, and we will then bring the medication out to you. 

Please Note: Until further notice, we have discontinued grooming and training services at Overland Animal Hospital.