Overnight Pet Medical Care

Going out of town can be stressful for pet owners, especially when your pet needs medicine at regular intervals, around-the-clock medical monitoring, recovering from surgery or going through rehabilitation.

At Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, we offer a full line of medical boarding services and emergency care. If you are out of town and your pet needs medical attention, our expert staff will provide them with the best treatment possible. If your pet needs surgery or a procedure that requires overnight medical care, our veterinary staff will have you covered. With the veterinary medical team on site, we can help your pet recover quickly and can safely administer treatment until they are ready to go home with you.

When you pick up your furry friend, our staff will provide you with a full health and behavioral status report and will recommend any further care routines to be implemented at home.

While you are out of town, rest assured that the staff at Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort will provide your companion with the care and attention they deserve.

For questions about medical boarding or to schedule an overnight stay, please call 303-922-5500 or request a boarding appointment online. Walk-ins are always welcome.