dog with candy basket

Ten Things You Can Do to Keep Your Pet Extra Safe During Halloween

1. Be Very Careful with the Sweets

All chocolate (specifically dark or baking chocolate) poses a danger to pets. If your animal companion has ingested chocolate, symptoms of poisoning include diarrhea, vomiting, rapid breathing, increased heart rate and seizures. Xylitol, an artificial sweetener, is poisonous to dogs, and if ingested can cause liver failure.

2. Confine Pets and Keep Them Away from the Door

Your door will be opening and closing all night for all those strangers in funny costumes—this bizarre ritual may scare your best friend and may cause them to escape or be aggressive. Keeping your pet confined in a safe, comfortable room, away from all of this is in the best interest for everyone involved, man and beast.

3. Don’t Leave Pets in the Yard

Halloween is rife with mischief, including senseless pranks and wannabe occult activity. It’s best to keep pets as safe as possible around this time, especially if you have a black cat, as these felines often get targeted around Halloween.

4. Be Cautious with Pumpkins and Corn

If pets ingest uncooked, moldy pumpkin or corn displays, this is bad news. Upset stomachs and intestinal blockage may occur, so keep these festive things out of paw’s reach.

5. Pay Attention to Lit Pumpkins

If you light any jack-o-lanterns, keep these decorations in places that pets can’t access them. Animals may burn themselves or accidentally cause a fire.

6. Stash Glow Sticks Away from Pets

Although the liquid inside glow sticks is non-toxic, if pets do chew on these sticks they may drool, become agitated and maybe even vomit.

7. Does Your Pet Really Want to Dress Up?

We know, we know—it’s cute and hilarious to put our animals in funny and creative costumes. But just be careful if you do this, as some outfits can restrict movement, eyesight, hearing and the ability to breathe.

8. Keep Electric and Battery-Powered Decorations Out of Reach

Pets who chew on electrical cords or batteries can suffer from electrical shock or chemical burns, so be careful with these decorations.

9. Try on Those Pet Costumes BEFORE Halloween

Since you’re introducing something new to your pet’s life, a good idea is to ease them into their Halloween outfit. Make this a positive experience, with treats aplenty, and remember if they just don’t want to dress up, don’t force them.

10. Collars and Microchips

We advocate for collars and microchips all year long, but we especially stress these forms of identification around Halloween. Also, don’t forget to constantly keeps these things updated, if you’ve moved recently or got a new phone number.

We hope this list will help you and your best friend have a fun and festive Halloween! While it’s not a comprehensive guide, the most important thing to remember is to use your common sense as a good pet owner.

If you have any additional questions about Halloween safety tips for pets, please contact us at (303) 547-1670.